Why you should Choose Cruise

Antigua on the Disney Magic
Antigua on the Disney Magic. (c)Cruise with Ben & David

We have teamed up with the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) to tell you why you should Choose Cruise for your next holiday! During the month of October, the cruise industry is coming together to promote the Choose Cruise (#ChooseCruise) campaign. We are sharing our knowledge and giving you our 5 reasons why you should Choose Cruise.

1. The Destinations

Cruising is a fantastic way to see the world. In one cruise you can tick off multiple cities and counties. Many locations you may not think to visit prior to cruising and you may find your new favourite destination.

Each day you wake up to a new view and a new adventure. Without ever having to pack or unpack your suitcase.

You can cruise all over the world. Some of the most popular destinations are the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. But, cruising is now becoming hugely popular in Northern Europe for the Norwegian Fjords and the Baltic, Asia, Alaska,  Australia and New Zealand.

Plus, there are places such as Alaska and Norway which are only accessible by cruise ships.

Antigua on the Disney Magic
Antigua on the Disney Magic. (c)Cruise with Ben & David

2. Almost everything is included

Most cruises are full board. This means that it includes all your meals, entertainment, room servicing and a children’s club. Plus all the facilities onboard including the pools and the gym.

This is fanatic as you don’t have to worry about meals or keeping the kids entertained. You can sit back, relax, enjoy the destinations during the day and the ship’s entertainment on an evening.

3. Cruises can be cheaper

If you add up the cost of hotels, travel between destinations and meals. Cruising can be significantly cheaper than a land-based holiday. Especially if you are wanting to visit multiple destinations.

You can get some fantastic deals on cruises. With a 7 night cruise as little as £400 per person.

(c)Cruise with Ben & David
Independence the Seas at Sunset

4. Travel in luxury

On a cruise you receive outstanding service, your cabin cleaned twice a day and a table service dinner every evening.

Cruise ships are beautifully designed with the highest of comfort.

If you are looking for an even more luxuries experience, look at suites onboard. Or take a look at some of the ultra-premium cruise lines.

5. Cruise ships are also a destination

As well as the amazing places you will be visiting. The cruise ship itself is a destination.

Some ships are like megacities with water parks, loads of restaurants, slides, ice rinks, cinemas… You name it, you can probably find it on a cruise ship.

While other cruise ships are more laid back and relaxing. With elegant dining rooms, wonderful entertainment and relaxing spas.

Just take a look at our ship tours to see what life is like on a cruise. 

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