Top 10 Tips for Oceanview Cabins

Sapphire Princess Oceanview Cabin
Oceanview Cabin on Sapphire Princess - ©Cruise With Ben & David

If you are thinking of booking an oceanview cabin we have 10 reasons why you should book a oceanview cabin for your next cruise. Plus, we have tips on how to save money when booking a oceanview cabin.

1. Save loads of money if you book a oceanview cabin

Sometimes a oceanview cabin is just a little bit more expensive than an interior cabin. Some oceanview cabins can be cheaper than an interior cabin if it’s in a less desirable location on the ship.

2. Use the money you save as spending money

You could use all that money you save to spend onboard. You could book speciality dining, shore excursions or onboard experiences. If it’s a big saving you could even book another cruise!

Sapphire Princess Obstructed View Cabin
An obstructed view oceanview cabin on Princess Cruises ©Cruise With Ben & David

3. Book an obstructed view

Save even more money by booking an obstructed view oceanview cabin. This could be a lifeboat in the way or a part of the window that is covered. Some obstructions can be the whole window while others are barely noticeable.

We suggest you research your cabin to see what the objection is. One good tool for Princess Cruises is the Princess Obstructed View website.

4. A wide range of oceanview cabins to choose from

There are so many different types of oceanview cabin to suit all budgets. Oceanview cabins range from a small porthole window to huge panoramic windows. Oversized portholes are great for scenic cruising and some even have a seat in the window.

5. Same features as a balcony cabin

A oceanview cabin is usually the same size as balcony cabin. You can also get a oceanview cabin on any decks, not just a lower deck. Some really cool locations include a forward facing or aft facing cabin.

6. Same amenities as a balcony cabin

Oceanview cabins feature the exact same amenities as a balcony cabin. They have the same bathrooms, beds, bedding and service.

Apart from the balcony, the cabins are pretty much identical.

7. Paying for wasted space

Work out if you are actually going to use your balcony. Think about how much time you spend in your cabin and where you will be cruising. Will it be too cold for you to use your balcony? Is your cruise so short you will never be in your cabin?

You could be paying a big price tag for something you will never use.


Sapphire Princess Oceanview Cabin
©Cruise With Ben & David

8. A oceanview cabin has light

With oceanview cabins, you can see the ocean and get natural light into your room. It’s great as you feel like you are cruising. You also know the time of day, unlike inside cabins where its dark all the time and see what the weather is like.

If you suffer sea sickness, an oceanview cabin can help.

9. Safer with kids

If you are travelling with little cruisers who like to climb and explore you may be worried about having a balcony.

While balcony cabins are safe, for peace of mind booking an oceanview means you don’t have to worry about them climbing and injuring themselves.

10. Scared of heights?

If you are afraid of heights you may not like a balcony. Balconies can be small and you feel very close to the edge. On larger ships, cabins can be on really high decks.


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