Top 10 Tips For A Royal Caribbean Cruise

Royal Caribbean Tips

These are our top 10 Royal Caribbean cruise tips to make your cruise even better. If you are thinking of booking a Royal Caribbean cruise vacation then this video is perfect for you.

1. Arrive early

Arrive at the port a little early for more time on the ship when it’s quiet. As soon as you board you can explore the whole ship without the crowds.

We suggest you do the big attractions straight away can be much quieter! Plus, if you would like to book any attractions or restaurants you can do this without the long lines.

To get an early check-in we recommend you check-in online as soon as you can.

Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas
(c)Cruise with Ben and David

2. Set a time to relax

Royal Caribbean ships are filled with so much to do and it is easy to forget to relax. Make sure you carve out time to just chill out in the pool or hot tub. You can also use the spa or treat yourself to a message.

Ships are most quiet on port days which is a good time to enjoy the facilities if you don’t want the crowds.

3. Book before you board.

Before you board the ship book any of the meals, attractions, excursions or treatments that you would like. Popular restaurants can get full and excursions can sell out.

You can pre-book by looking onto the Royal Caribbean website and going to your cruise planner. If you know there is something you want to do, book it as soon as you can so you don’t miss out.

If you can’t book some things online, do it as soon as you board.

While onboard, on certain ships, you can also book attractions through the Royal Caribbean app, though your stateroom TV or on the touchscreens around the ship.

Royal Caribbean Logo on Funnel
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4. Buy a drinks package

If you want to buy a drinks package do it before you board. This will save you money.

Also, Royal Caribbean have sailes on pre-cruise purchases throughout the year. These sales can sometimes save you up to 50%. A great place to check is the Royal Caribbean blog who post about the sales when they are available.

If you don’t drink alcohol, you can purchase a soft drinks package or a coffee package instead.

If you are unsure if a package will save you money take a look at the average drinks prices below.

Average drink prices in USD (as of 2018)

  • Beer $7.25 (American); $6.95 (Import)
  • A glass of wine: $10.00 – $16.00
  • Bottled water: $2.25
  • Cocktail: $10.00 – 12.00+
  • Hard Cider: $6.50 – $6.95
  • Can of Soda: $3.25
  • Drink of the Day: $8.00
  • Latte: $4.25

5. Drink of the day

The drink of the day can save you lots of money. Plus, you may discover a new favourite cocktail.

A drink of the day is a new option available every day. You can find out what is it at any of the bars or on your cruise compass.

6. Try the main dining rooms for lunch and breakfast

You can enjoy a sit-down lunch or breakfast at one of the main dinings tooms. Just like at dinner, waiters will serve you at a table and you can order as much as you like off a menu.

This is much less hectic than the buffet and much more relaxing.

Check the cruise compass for dining room opening times.

Jonny Rockets on Royal Caribbean.
(c)Cruise with Ben & David

7. Try the speciality dining

We really recommend you try the speciality dining onboard. There is so much choice and they all offer fantastic quality food with top service. It’s a great way to enjoy a special evening with the family or for a couples night out.

Some of our favourites include Izumi, Chops Grill and Wonderland.

Pre-book a speciality dining package before you board as it is much cheaper. You can save up to 40% compared to paying per restaurant. Plus, keep an eye out for the pre-cruise purchase sales.

Look out for deals on the first night of your cruise. Many restaurants offer half-price reservations if you pre-book.

8. Download the Royal Caribbean app

The brand new Royal Caribbean app is a must-have for any cruiser. This fantastic app that tells you what’s on and when! It includes all your cruise documents for faster check-in, a Daily Planner and your onboard expenditure account.

The app is available on; Allure of the Seas, Enchantment of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas, Serenade of the Seas and Symphony of the Seas.

You can download the app from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

9. Try the pizza at Sorrento’s!

There are more places to eat on board than just the buffet. Don’t forget to try the other complementary food outlets such as Sorrento’s, Cafe Promenade or Cafe 260.

They offer a menu that changes daily and have complimentary tea and coffee stations.

Some of Sorrento’s even have a station where you can customise your pizza and Cafe 260 has ‘make your own salad’ station.

10. Take advantage of the free soft-serve ice cream!

You can go wild with the soft-serve ice cream located in the buffet and on the pool deck. The ice cream offers different flavours and topping too!

If you want a bigger portion, grab a bowl and spoon from Windjammers buffet and fill up!