Popular Cruise Destinations

Cruising offers a wide variety of choice when it comes to cruise destinations. From short two night hops to around the world voyages – there’s an itinerary to suit everyone.

If you are a sun-seeker or a culture lover, we can guarantee that a cruise will suit you. Cruising has dramatically changed over the last decade, gone are the days of bingo halls and ships filled with old people (not that there is anything wrong with this!), the latest ships resemble luxury hotels and are full of the latest technologies and features such as ice rinks, surf simulators and water parks.

Cruises offer an array of different dining choices to suit any palette and along with Broadway-style entertainment, it’s the perfect holiday in our opinion. Cruising is now modern and the ‘in’ thing to do, there is a good reason for this. Why just go to one place when you can wake up somewhere new every day? Once you cruise you will not want to go back to regular holidays!

To help you decide we have outlined just a few of the most popular cruise destinations.

The Caribbean

Best for Sun Seekers, Relaxation and Culture Lovers. 

The Caribbean is a year-round destination. In the winter months, many UK & US cruise lines reposition ships to the Caribbean from Europe to offer some winter sun. During the summer months, fewer ships sail the Caribbean as the weather becomes hot and unpredictable.

The Caribbean is great for travellers looking for warm weather, crystal clear waters and sandy beaches as well as beautiful dramatic landscapes. It’s not all about cocktails and relaxation though, there is a vast amount of history and culture too. Caribbean itineraries usually have a mix of sea and port days. The ports tend to be similar to each other with many of the same shops and bars. But beyond the port, each island has a different atmosphere and personality offering you completely different experiences.

With Caribbean sailings, you can decide your vacation style.

Some cruise lines offer Fly-Cruises which combine flights and your cruise included in the price to offer a seamless experience from Airport to Ship.

The Mediterranean

Best for Sun Seekers and Culture Lovers. 

Mediterranean Cruise Destinations

The Mediterranean is popular in the summer months with many cruise lines re-positioning ships from the US and Caribbean to Europe. The Med is an ideal choice if you are wanting warm weather, a large variety of itineraries and lots of cultures.

Mediterranean itineraries tend to be quite port intensive. This can be tiring as each destination is jam packed with history, culture and sights to see. Be aware that some of the ports can be a distance away from the destinations advertised. For example, Civitavecchia is an hour by train away from Rome and Southampton is over an hour away from London. It’s worthwhile checking and planning what to do in each port before you sail. You will find yourself off the ship more than on board with so many destinations to see.

The Mediterranean enjoys hot weather in the summer months which is great if you are a sun seeker looking for fun in the sun.

Most cruise lines offer sailings between May and October with a wide range of itineraries and price points.  May-June and September-October offer warm temperatures while July & August can become hot which can be tiring if you are looking for an active vacation.

During the winter months, there are sailings available and they can be significantly cheaper than the summer. As you would expect the weather is cooler but the sights are still as impressive.

Cruising is the ideal way to tick off lots of destinations in one go, this especially applies on a med cruise.

Northern Europe (The Baltic & Norwegian Fjords)

Best for Culture Lovers and Nature Explorers. 


Northern Europe Cruise Destinations

Northern European cruises are gaining in popularity each year. Baltic cruises offer culture-rich itineraries, majestic architecture, jaw-dropping beautiful scenery and captivating history. Baltic itineraries are port intensive with some even offering an overnight stay in St Petersburg. With Baltic cruising no two destinations are quite the same.

Norwegian Fjord voyages offer a chance to sail inside massive, narrow, steep-cliffed fjords with one amazing sight after another.  These natural wonders are awe-inspiring and beautiful. Unlike Baltic Cruises, Norwegian Fjord sailings visit small cities and villages. Outdoor lovers will enjoy kayaking or hiking trips.

Northern European sailings can be port intensive and not ideal for those looking for a relaxing sun-seeking vacation. They are perfect for those who want to explore and for Culture lovers. The weather can be unpredictable but this shouldn’t ruin your fun!

These types of cruises usually set sail between the months of June to August with departures from Denmark, Germany and the UK.

Australia and New Zealand

Best for Culture Lovers and Nature Explorers. 

Australia Cruise Destinations
(c) Royal Caribbean

Cruising is becoming increasingly mainstream in this region, a cruise down-under is the perfect way to experience some of the best features of this corner of the world. Royal Caribbean sending one of it’s newest and largest ships ‘Ovation of the Seas’ during the last season is a testament to this. Cruising in Australia and New Zealand offers you an abundance of different wildlife, scenery and unparalleled beauty.  Cruises take in picturesque pacific islands, forests, national parks as well as culture rich cities.

If you’re new to cruising you can find several 2/3 night short taster cruises to whet your appetite.

Most cruises depart Sydney and offer several different itineraries including cruises round tripping to New Zealand, departing from Sydney then sailing around the stunning north and south islands of New Zealand allowing your to take in the bustling cities as well as out of this world scenery such as the fjords, mountains and awe-inspiring cliffs and waterfalls. Other cruises take in the wonderful South Pacific islands with the opportunity to see some of the most unique tropical marine life and visit some of the most stunning natural beaches in the world. Be prepared to be WOWED!

Most cruises depart during the Southern Hemisphere summertime, this is from November-March. More cruise lines are offering itineraries from this part of the world.


Best for Nature Explorers. 

Alaska Cruise Destinations

Alaska offers incredible sights both on and off the ship. The scenery is the star of the show here with spectacular views of islands, glaciers, fjords and mountains. The vast natural beauty provides countless opportunities for wildlife watching and on-shore there is a wide variety of tours and outdoor activities.

Alaskan cruises have few port days with limited time in port. Excursions can also be costly with helicopter and seaplane tours the most popular. Cruising gives you the perfect opportunity to tick Alaska off your bucket list. Much of cruise is spent taking in the breathtaking scenery. Don’t forget your camera!

Most cruises sail from May to early September with most cruise lines offering sailings in the region. There are many options with Alaska cruising including one-way cruises and round-trip cruises which usually depart from San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver.

What’s your Favourite cruise destination?

Are you a Caribbean beach lover, an Alaskan nature lover or love a destination we have not mentioned? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below or on social media via Twitter and Facebook.

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