Avoiding A Bad Cabin

When it comes to booking a cabin it can be confusing which cabin to book. The location of a cabin can make or break a cruise. Choose a bad location and you may regret it. Also, check out our guide to choosing the right cabin. 

Cruise ships are basically like resort hotels and 99% of cabins are in good locations with no problems.

So, How do you avoid a bad cabin? Here are our top tips to help you avoid booking the cabin from hell.

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Avoid noisy areas

When picking a cabin always check what is above and below the cabin. You don’t want to be located above a nightclub with music going until 3 am.

If you like an early night avoid cabins above or under Bars and Lounges, Restaurants and Theatres. These can be noisy in the evenings.

If you like a lie in avoid top-level cabins under the pool area. These can be noisy when sunloungers are put out in the early hours of the morning. Also, look out for sports decks as these can be noisy too.

Lower decks, especially near the front and mid-ship, may hear more noise from the engine. Particularly when docking. You may be woken early buy the anchor going down.

Avoid busy areas

If you are a light sleeper you may want to avoid being near the elevator or stairs as these tend to be busier parts of the ship. Also, avoid the laundry room as these can be noisy too.

Check the deck plans

The easiest way to avoid a bad cabin is to check the deck plans first. Look at what is above, below and to the sides of your cabin. You can find deck plans on your cruise lines website or by simply searching on Google.

If your ship is due a dry-dock/refit or has recently had a dry dock, make sure you are looking at the correct deck plans for your sailing.

Look at cabin reviews and photos. You can find reviews of cabins on loads of websites. Simply cabin number and ship into google to find specific reviews.

Some other good websites include; CruiseStateroom.com and CruiseMapper.com. Plus the Ship Mate app by CruiseLine.com also is a good source of cabin reviews.

Ask around

If you are really worried about a cabin or are looking for advice simply ask. A good place to start is the Cruise Critic forums, the Ship Mate app or Facebook. Facebook has loads of fantastic groups dedicated to each cruise line.

Avoid a Guarantee cabin

If you are very particular about what cabin you would like. You should avoid booking a Guarantee cabin. With a Guarantee cabin, you could be located anywhere on the ship.

A positive of a guarantee cabin is that it may work out much cheaper. Also, there is a small chance you will get an upgrade.

What is the best location of a cruise cabin?

Norwegian Bliss Ship Model

This is subjective as each person has personal preferences. However, generally the best, and more expensive, locations are mid-ship as there is less movement.

While these cabins offer less movement, modern ships are still very smooth due to technology and stabilisers!

If you are worried about noise, we find the quietest cabins are those in decks sandwiched between other cabins.

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