It's our sea day! We make the most of the ships facilities and entertainment. The day starts with an aerobics class followed by a parade along the Promenade. Later we head to the broadway to experience MasterChef at sea.

We wave goodbye to a fabulous day in Valetta. As we enjoy the beautiful sail away we are accompanied by the Norwegian Spirit. After, we explore the onboard chocolate shop and begin our bar crawl around the Meraviglia starting with the British pub!

It's day three aboard the MSC Meraviglia. We finish exploring the amazing city of Valletta in Malta then get back on the ship for some yummy Italian style lunch in the buffet.

It's our second day on the Meraviglia. We explore the buffet for the first time and spend the afternoon relaxing in the hot tubs. Later in the evening we dine at Eataly, the specially Italian restaurant on board.

Our final pre-cruise vlog we continue to explore Rome. We visit the historic Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and end our day with some real Italian Gelato. After a nights sleep, we travel from Rome to Naples in style on the Italio High-Speed Rail service. Before joining the ship in Naples, we couldn't miss visiting Pompeii but its a total washout!

Part two of our pre-cruise adventure and we're still in Rome. It's a new day and we are visiting the smallest country in the world, The Vatican. We get an extra-special treat as we find ourselves waiting in line to see the pope in person!