The Final Part

The final part of Our Viking Story on the Viking Sea. We return to the ship ready for our final night out. As we sailed away from Geiranger we where treated to dramatic scenery which we suggest you get on deck to see.


Fjord Cruising
Leaving Geiranger – (c)Cruise with Ben & David

That evening we had the opportunity to see the Abba and Beatles show. The show is performed by the Vikings resident singers and includes the biggest hits of these two groups. The show is a highlight of the cruise and very popular. We advise you arrive early to grab your favourite seat.


The next day we arrived in the city of Bergen. Bergen is the Gateway to the Fjords of Norway and offers world-class experiences and culture. It is the ideal location for lovers of nature, culture and exciting urban life all year around.

Our Viking tour took us to some of the highlights of the city. Including Queen Mauds view point and the old merchant houses.

The merchant houses are part of the historic harbour district and date from the 14th to the mid-16th century. There are some 62 houses remaining.  Many fires, the last in 1955, have ravaged the characteristic wooden houses. The houses are a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

Bergen Fish Market

The picturesque Fish Market is Norways most visited outdoors market. Its a buzzing market with lots of visitors from all around the world. The market sells seafood, fruit and vegetables. You can also buy freshly prepared meals such as fish and chips, crab salads and small bites. The market is open from the 1st of May and during the summer.

Double rainbow as cruise to Bergen
Double rainbow as cruise to Bergen

What to pack for Bergen

The weather in Bergen is typically mild with unstable and wet weather. The city is known as the wettest city in Norway.

Most visitors visit between May and September. The weather is mild with a average temperature around 19C, but on hot days it may reach 25C.

We suggest you take layers and include a jumper, winter hat and scarves and most importantly a raincoat. During the summer you can get away with some good trainers or sneakers.

In winter the city is too mild for snow but the temperature does drop below 0°C sometimes. Snow is unpredictable and in short bursts and usually very light. Therefore you only need a padded winter coat that can stand up to some amount of wind and rain.

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