MSC Cruises reveals experiences available on its new private island

Ocean Cay, MSC Cruises
Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve. Photo: MSC Cruises
Ocean Cay, MSC Cruises
Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve. Photo: MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises have revealed more details about experiences available on its new island destination in The Bahamas, Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve.

The island destination will open this November and promises to be the “ideal getaway for guests to discover nature’s pure, untouched beauty” and offer activities for all ages.

Photo: MSC Cruises

The usual beach activities such as Snorkeling, stand-up paddle boarding, and kayaking will be available alongside private cabanas available for hire and spa treatments.

The most unique features however will be the Bahamian Junkanoo parade, thew lighthouse light show and beachside stargazing.

Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve has are eight beaches to choose from, offering different activities and services. MSC promises the island will be easy to get around everywhere by foot or on the electric tram that will transport guests around the island.

Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve will open this November with MSC Meraviglia, MSC Seaside, MSC Divina and MSC Armonia calling on different days.

Bahamas, Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve. Photo: MSC Cruises

What actives are available on Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve?

A few of the newest island experiences awaiting visitors include:

Thrill Seeker Actives

  •  Deep Sea Fishing: Catch, Tag and Release – After a short boat ride, guests can enjoy an adventure-filled day reeling in the best catches of a lifetime as well as learning about the array of regional fish as they Catch, Tag and Release to learn about the different species of fish and how they migrate in one of the most famous fishing areas of the world learn. Gray Fish, the only tagging research center in The Bahamas, will help guests as they catch and tag their fish to report information on the specific catch. Once the fish is released, it can then be caught again.
  •  Rum Rendezvous (Adults Only) – Enjoy a scenic boat ride to a stunning Bahama bank where guests can enjoy a lively, adult-only atmosphere and pristine shallow waters while sipping on complimentary rum punch, surrounded by live music and dancing
  • Ceclo Luxury Electric Pedalo Rentals – Explore or simply slowly drift for hours in the tranquillity of the beautiful Bahamian waters on the newest invention on the market, the Ceclo – the luxury yacht of pedal boats, with electric assistance ready for all your adventures and made of recycled champagne cork, wood, and aluminium.
  •  Glow Night-time Stand-Up Paddle Boarding – Discover the marine life after dark and enjoy a calm evening paddle under a starry sky with a specially equipped stand-up paddle board, fitted with LED illumination that allows guests to glide on a beam of light across the calm waters of The Bahamas.
Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve will have more than 2300 trees and over 7500 indigenous shrubs and plans. Image: Conrad Schutt

Family Activities

  • Ocean Cay Family Club –The whole family sets out on a great adventure across the island to help Captain Doremi save the island while learning about the environment and animal species living on the land and how to preserve the island and oceans around them.
  •  The Bahama Bank Escape (Family Tour) – This tour is fun for the whole family aboard a spacious double decker power catamaran as the captain and crew take families on a charming boat ride to Bahama Banks where families can splash around in the shallow tropical waters, enjoy sport activities and relax on the beach with complimentary local rum punch in hand for adults.
  • Kids Beachside Stargazing Adventure – This fun learning activity for kids allows them to discover everything about the universe, planets, stars, time and space. Led by Captain Doremi, children will help a little star find her way back home to the skies through stories, games and riddles.
Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve features a Great Lagoon for swimming and water sports.
Photo: MSC Cruises

Romantic Activities

  • Honeymoon Harbour Stingray Adventure – Interact with a variety of different ray species including the local friendly stingrays on an adventurous boat ride to Honeymoon Harbour where guests can also enjoy the gorgeous beaches and lighthouse on Gun Cay.
  •  Sunset Beach Picnic –A romantic picnic on the beach awaits couples looking for a secluded experience while enjoying the sunset and blue Bahamian sea over a bottle of wine and picnic basket of snacks.

You can find out more about Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve here.

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