Themed Cruises

This week we are celebrating themed cruises as part of the #ChooseCruise campaign. Our handy guide will give you an insight into some of the unique and special sailings in 2018 & 2019. This are only a overview of the many options available and you can find even more at

There are so many themed cruises dedicated to every type of passions, hobby and person. These unique sailings can be great for new cruisers to get a taste of cruising and seasoned cruisers who may be looking for something unique and special

Whatever your passion, themed cruises allow you to meet like-minded people, enjoy unique entertainment and experiences. Plus. have the comfort of the cruises onboard facilities and destinations.


TV & Movie Themed Cruises

TV and movie tie-ins have become a regular feature on cruise lines recently. You can find special ‘Strictly Come Dancing‘ sailings on P&O,  ‘The Voice of the Ocean‘ on Princess Cruises and “MasterChef at Sea” on MSC Cruises.

You can also find one-off dedicated sailings to a particular movie, genre or TV show. These are like conventions on the sea. With Q&A panels, makeup tutorials, meet & greets and live entertainment. Because the ship is smaller you are able to get more up-close and personal with the stars. Plus, you are able to meet other fans and like-minded on-board!

Other unique actives include quizzes, costume parties and competitions.

Music Themed Cruises

Beatles on Norwegian Bliss
(c)Cruise with Ben & David

Music brings people together and so does music cruises. Music-themed cruises cover a wide spectrum of tastes and you can find sailings based on a genre, era of music or a specific artist. Onboard you have the opportunity to see live music is smaller more intimate gigs. As well as one-off performances all around the ship. Most music cruises also feature meet and greet sessions, themed parties and some also host tribute act.

Culture themed cruises

There is a wide range of unique cultural themed cruises. From literary festivals and fashion week cruises to sailings with the National Symphony Orchestra and English National Ballet. These cruises offer you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and appreciation for the arts. Most include workshops throughout the cruise, exclusive performances, seminars and opportunity to mix and mingle with fellow culture lovers.

Sports and Fitness themed cruises

If you are a fitness fanatic try a fitness-themed cruise. These are not just for the super fit, they are for all skill levels. These sailings offer a comprehensive programme of classes, seminars and fitness sessions. Plus, you can take advantage of the onboard gyms, pools and running tracks.

For the sports lovers, there are sports cruises covering every type of passion.  One of the most popular includes golf cruises where you are able to take advantage of the courses in some of the ports your visit.

Food & Drink theme cruises

Food Themed Cruises
(c)Cruise with Ben & David

If you have an appetite for learning more about food or wine, why not try a culinary-themed cruise. Cook with renowned chefs, take part in cooking classes and enjoy unique and special culinary creations. More of a wine lover than a foodie? Try a wine or beer cruise where you can learn from the experts and experience exciting wine-themed shore excursions.

Lifestyle themed cruises

You can find themed cruises for every community too. Religious-themed cruises, LGBT cruises, naked cruises (were not joking with this one). These are the perfect way to get together with people like yourself with a shared passion or experience.